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Book 5 first draft done

To paraphrase Sir Edmund Hilary, I’ve knocked the bastard off! Book 5 is now written, and weighs in at a hefty 125,000 words-my longest book yet. No doubt some of those words will get left on the editing room floor, but it’s still going to be the heavyweight of the series. Now, a two-week no-writing vacation, then on to editing!


  1. Chris G says:

    I rarely read books (get easily bored with them) but each of the last two years annual Sun pilgrimage to Rhodes had me read your books. One on 2016, two last year… Then revolution in the last couple of days and Nugget this morning.
    I’ve got 5 more days but no book 5 to satisfy my annual thirst 😉

    Great books! Utterly captivating!
    A great Universe storyline you’ve painted and from a guy who doesn’t enjoy reading (usually) that’s really saying something.
    You’ve even made me contemplate writing my own if I ever get time.

    I guess it’ll have to be the 2019 holiday for the next one (maybe two;-)

    1. Dennis says:

      Hi Chris, that’s awesome. Sorry book 5 isn’t there for you this year, it definitely will be for the next one! If you ever do decide to write, drop me a line if you’d like some advice on self-publishing.

  2. Richard says:

    Chop chop! We’re waiting!😁

    1. Dennis says:

      On it – there’s a few months of editing and whatnot to come though…

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