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Book 3 first draft complete

I’ve just finished the first draft of Serendipity at last! It’s taken a couple of months longer than I expected, one reason being that it’s longer. The books in the Foothold universe fit into three main arcs, and Serendipity brings the first arc to a close. That means that I needed to wrap this storyline up and couldn’t pull the trick that I did when The Seasoning ran over length – shift it to the next book!

Serendipity will now go on the shelf for four or five weeks while I forget all about it. Then I’ll come back and edit it with fresh eyes. Meanwhile I won’t be idle – I’m turning back to Foothold for a re-edit and relaunch. I haven’t used professional editors until now but I believe it’s a must-have to turn out a professional product so both Foothold and The Seasoning will get re-edits over the next six months. There’s a new cover coming for Foothold too so that it has the same look and feel as The Seasoning, so look out for that!