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Back on the horse

I’ve had a break from writing of nearly two months due to other priorities, but I’m back into it now – I managed nearly 7000 words on book 3 (working title Serendipity) last week. As an experiment I decided to write this book by subplot rather than the more usual time-based sequence where all the various subplots are woven together as I write. I think that has been very helpful from a flow perspective, but of course I will have a mountain of editing to do at the end to weave the subplots back into a coherent story. This time around I’m also going to use a professional editor for the first time (which I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear!), and I’m anticipating that will lead to a fair bit of rework. May 2016 is my target, which will be a year since The Seasoning. I’m also hoping to squeeze in a re-edit of Foothold together with a new cover in that timeframe, plus get started on book 4. No harm in being ambitious I guess!